About Us

Who we are

Poseidon CRO is a full services CRO operating in the fields of Human pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, Nutrition, Cosmetics and Medical devices founded in 2008 , and rapidly expanding.We offer to health institutions, academic bodies , major CROs , local and multinationals drug and medical devices R&D departements , and biotech startups an end to end support in all phases of developpement in Emerging Markets.

Our good connections among prestigious sites of high caliber investigators comitted to accurate and valuable contribution in clinical studies, is our strong asset.

KOLs management and Medical affairs handling is one of our bespoke abilities for our customers.We do impelement digital solutions and uptodate technologies for our Pharmacoeconomics and Health Market Research activity.In many of areas covered regulation is focused on patient’s interests in participating to trials and thus getting advantages and care they may not afford to reach otherwise.

Furthermore, a straight collaboration with local ethics comitees and IRBs, in respect of their independance, makes approval process for epidemiologic or interventional studies more efficient.Poseidon CRO is commited to the highest level of attention it gives to each and every study regardless of size , area or nature .Ethically and scientifically driven , promoting health in our communities is what we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients and partners in maximizing returns on their R&D investments for their success story. At Poseidon CRO, as the leading CRO in MENA and Emerging regions, we believe in developing clinical trials in our area of coverage, because it means better treatments and better access to therapies for the patients. We want to contribute in improving patients life, by helping and encouraging the Pharmaceutical Companies to develop their novel life saving drugs and innovative remedies for a better quality of life in Near and Middle east , North Africa and Emerging regions. Having collaborated with Poseidon CRO, major pharmaceutical companies * have finally found a reliable CRO with which they can perform their clinical trials in these regions. Thanks to our regional reach and local knowledge, we can put in place a “way of doing” ensuring that patients remain the center of all attention , cultural aspects are respected , in addition to meeting quality and timelines.* References available upon request

Our values


We work in developing a reputation of quality for delivering every kind of services and information that meet or exceed the quality standards demanded by customers, doctors, patients and regulatory bodies.


We are recognized of creating a dynamic, talented teams that work locally and globally, wiling to interact internally and externally in a fluid manner and that are passionate about what they do, dealing with tasks in excellence and perseverance.


We focus in acting with an unwavering commitment to our scientific business integrity in building trust through honesty, ethical behavior, acting with respect for others and behaving as responsible members of local communities .That is the key foundation of our organization.