Algeria: Nearly DZD 180 Billion Devoted to 2015-2019 National Anti-Cancer Plan

Algiers — The overall cost of the 2015-2019 anti-cancer national plan has been estimated at nearly DZD 180 billion, according to a report on the plan presented Sunday at the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital reform.

“The total cost of the 2015-2019 national anti-cancer plan has been estimated at nearly DZD 180 billion, including 77 billion dinars for the underway investment program and modernization investments, and more than 100 billion for the exploitation of anti-cancer centers and oncology units,” the statement of the Council of Ministers, chaired by the Head of State Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Ordered by the Head of State, the plan is “the fruit of the work of a panel of the country’s most eminent and qualified doctors who submitted their conclusions a few months ago,” the statement said, noting that these conclusions “have been transformed by the government to concrete action plans, accompanied by a financial assessment.”

He also noted that the plan focuses on the improvement of the prevention against risk factors, the possibility of screening for certain cancers and diagnostic capabilities.

The plan’s objectives essentially consist in revitalizing treatment in inter-disciplinarily, organization of orientation, guidance and aftercare of the patient, the development of communication about cancer and the strengthening of research and funding capacity for the treatment of cancers.

The implementation of this plan will be overseen by a steering and monitoring committee composed of representatives of ministries and institutions, and representatives of scientists, patient associations and the private sector, the source said.

Speaking after the adoption of this question by the Council of Ministers, President Bouteflika has instructed the government to closely monitor the implementation of this plan and to issue “regular” reports on this plan for him,” the statement said.

The Head of State also “took the opportunity of this meeting to reiterate the need to boost hospital reform,” the statement added.




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