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eHealth solutions


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Pharma industry oriented DCoE


NICTs are empowering our endeavors for a better health to our community .
We use high compliant solutions for permitting to health providers a thorough assessment and real time monitoring of preventive and therapeutic interventions in urban environment as well as remote areas .
Programs include Child & Mother welfare , Vaccination Campaigns coverage , HIV treatment compliance , Mental health observatories , Palliative and home care assessment , Diabetes treatment observance etc …
Our new projects aim to assist you in telemedicine implementation in fields of radiology and pathology , dedicated to academic initiatives, health spin offs and small biothecs , as well as conventional hospitals and health care providing centers .
Our new ways of mastering technology for medical image/audio/video and Big Data compression and conversion , treatment and reconversion , will show considerable gain of time and resources fostering overall efficiency of your operations , whether in research or in daily routine medical practice.