Advantages of being clinical investigator

More health care professionals around the world understand that they have a rule to play in clinical research .
Clinical trial investigators are a crucial part of the drug development process.
Investigators choose to participate for a range of professional and personal reasons including :

Positive impact on patients : Your participation could provide access to cutting edge treatments to your patients, or to expensive medications that they can’t afford otherwise.

Professional development : Participating in trials allows physicians and their staff to maintain a high level of good clinical practices in daily routine and to stay abreast of clinical developments in therapeutic areas of interest.

Contribute to the advancement of global healthcare : As a clinical research investigator, you are instrumental in bringing breakthrough products to market that can positively impact other people than your patients , permitting to a multitude of persons happier , longer and healthier lives, around the world.

Additional revenue stream : Clinical research offers the opportunity to significant potentially additional revenue to your practice or research unit.

Our regional team works with clinical investigators in the covered regions to conduct epidemiological surveys , pharmacoeconomic and clinical studies on new investigational drugs/medical devices/nutrition or cosmetic/wellness products as well as products that are already on the market.
These studies provide important information on the safety, pharmacokinetics and efficacy of these products and compounds.
Data from these studies will help health care providers make informed decisions about the proper use of these products in patients.
All of our clinical trials are conducted in accordance with harmonized guidelines for Good Clinical Practices , Health Market research best practices and all recent ethic and industry guidences in every field of our intervention.
Clinicians who want to learn how to become a clinical investigator for Poseidon CRO and affiliates, or how to refer a patient for a Poseidon CRO clinical trial, can complete the following form and submit it to our research team.
Once we receive your information, we will acknowledge receipt of your request. You should hear from our Clinical Research team within 7 days to follow up.

Becoming a clinical trials investigator

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