The Poseidon CRO spirit

Pharmaceutical business today occurs in an infinitely complex world. Getting a pharmaceutical or medical devices product prescribed by a doctor or sold in a pharmacy , is proceeded by long years of concepts , development, implementations , thinking and acting .
Yet, with all the changes that have occurred, the challenges that faced the ancient seatraders, challenges of unstable vessels, treacherous seas and uncommon weather, have really only been replaced by new variations.
In today’s world we still deal with certain limitations of technology, turbulent markets and regulatory change.
The world of pharmaceuticals and health is sometimes calm, often turbulent, filled with unknowns. Like the sea. And like the protector divinity of the seafarers of old, Poseidon CRO continue to push back the boundaries of your visions of the world, protecting your vessel , guiding your decision makers , defining new ways of doing business, identifying new partners for your trials , new trading partnerships, new opportunities.
We write with our clients their health products Odyssey

Corporate Structure

Our Company is managed through 4 business units covering corresponding business lines :


CTS Business unit have been the Company’s core business and includes Phase II – IV clinical trials management , clinical pharmacy , clinical biology coordination , clinical pharmacology, as well as related medical advisory and investigator site services.

BI 2

Business unit offers data management services , medical writing , training in biostatistics and bioinformatics as well as consultancy in biostatistics for clinical trials from sample size determination to final analysis.


The DCoEP provides information technology solutions designed to improve clients’ product electronic reputation and presence using the digital channel through internet and mobile deployment processes.
Our center offers a portfolio of m-Health and e-Health products and services that includes Community management , e Branding , Microsite deployment , SMO , SEO , SMA as well as the conception and usage for research purposes of clinical trials management systems (“CTMS”), web-based portals, systems integration, and patient diary applications.
Medical imaging services, interactive voice response systems (“IVRS”) solutions are in late stage of development and deployment.

ReLy 3MA

ReLy 3MA Business Unit provides technical expertise in such disciplines as management consulting, registration, commercialization issues , regulatory affairs, industry training, writing and publishing, product development, , targeted communications services in support of product launch, as well as health policy consulting and strategic reimbursement services, pharmacoeconomics studies and market development advisory.