Opening the Field of Clinical Trials to Allow Patients to Benefit From New Molecules

ALGIERS – The President of the Algerian Society for Medical Oncology , Professor Kamel Bouzid recommended Saturday in Algiers , the opening of the field of clinical trials to allow patients to benefit from new molecules.

He reported at a press conference that several countries, advanced and neighbors, opened hospitals in clinical trials while in Algeria the operation is stopped for two years.

The Department of Health and Hospital Reform has developed a legal framework governing this aspect but the operation is hampered by bureaucratic obstacles, lamented Professor Bouzid. He recalled that some drugs have been proven effective in an advanced stage of the disease thanks to clinical trials.

Professor Bouzid, head of senology department at Pierre and Marie Curie anticancer center, regretted that colossal expenditure is incurred on the purchase of cancer drugs depriving the patient to benefit from clinical trials regarding innovated molecules whose effectiveness has often proved.

These trials are being closely monitored by the Algerian specialists and present no risk to the health of the patient, “he argued, noting that the side effects of medicines” are often linked to factors Genetic “.

About 1eres these training days, he explained that they were intended to update and upgrade an old academic of 45 years.

Professor Bouzid attracted the attention of public authorities on the need to update the academic training and to adapt not only to the progress of science but also to changes in Algerian society.




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